How to rip HTML source code from url?

So I'm working on a discord bot which should notify users whenerver they have a scheduled match on I'm using javascript to do said thing. Now the problem I'm running into is that I can't find a way to rip the needed information from the website. All I would need is the html source, in which i can search for the scheduded matches.

Please note that I'm not really good at coding, nor do I have a good understanding of what I'm doing. (also English is not my native language)

That's what I have come up with up until now.

    <html lang="en">
            <script src=""></script>
                function gethtml() {
                    var link = document.getElementById("url").value;
                    if(link == "")
                    $.ajax({ url: link, success: function(data) { document.getElementById("html").innerHTML = data; }});
            Enter url:  <input type="url" id="url" size="100">
            <button type="button" onclick="gethtml()">Get html</button>
                <textarea id="html" rows="30" cols="200"></textarea>

The URLs will look like this
JQuery         Ajax        
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